Makoto Ideno 1

Makoto Ideno

Tokyo, Japan

People profiles

Makoto Ideno

Professional Background

Makoto holds 15 years management consulting experience and over 10 years PMI experience from his work at G3 Consulting and Mercer Consulting, and current cross border business transformation initiatives at Global PMI Partners.

Project Highlights

  • Analyze and Evaluate medical info company’s financial value (Medical)
  • Negotiate with telecom carrier on M&A (Medical)
  • Control and operate Project Management Office in PMI (Pharma)
  • Develop decision making scheme among senior management (Pharma)
  • Design org structure, employee allocation, KPI setting, and reward system (Pharma)
  • Design and implement communication plan to Employees (Pharma)
  • Identify org. issues and develop implementation plan (Advertising)
  • Design and implement culture convergence in procurement dept. (Automobile)

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