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Olov Rydsäter

Professional Background

  • 12 years of management consulting and corporate finance experience from BearingPoint, Ericsson and as an independent professional
  • Led the Private Equity team at BearingPoint, responsible for M&A projects on both buy- and sell-side in a wide range of industries
  • Significant entrepreneurial experience from founding, building and selling companies in fashion, advertising and health products
  • Investing experience as an activist investor/ owner of publicly traded companies and from angel investments in cleantech providers and baby products developers
  • Master’s degree in Computer science, Bachelor’s degree in Business and advanced corporate finance from Sweden (LtU), South Korea (Ajou U) and the US (University of Illinois)
  • Native Swedish, fluent English and basic German speaker

M&A Skills & Expertise

  • Pre-deal M&A skills include M&A strategy, Target screening, commercial due diligence, second opinion on business plan, quantification and valuation of synergies
  • Post-deal M&A skills include First 100 days planning and supporting value creation in the acquired company
  • Value-creation skills include sourcing, pricing, working capital improvement, M&A roadmap, organic growth and more
  • Sell-side advisory experiences include strategic options assessment, carve-out, sell-side project management, building gross list of potential takers, developing teaser/ Information Memorandum/Management presentation, reach-out, build data room and support negotiation
  • Sectors: Telecommunication, high tech, software, food/FMCG production, process industry, light/heavy automotive components and more

Project Highlights

  • Prepared a large software/services business unit for divestment from its corporate parent. Defined the standalone operational plan outside of the corporate parent for sales, finance, and research and development
  • Led the divestment of an automotive supplier for a private equity group and successfully executed a cross-border sale to an industrial buyer while exceeding the owner’s valuation expectations. Responsibilities: planning, board relationship management, developing investor materials, reaching out to buyers and supporting negotiations
  • Established an M&A strategy based on the screening of 100+ acquisition targets. Evaluated and performed commercial due diligence of the market, product offering, customers, and suppliers for four shortlisted targets in Europe
  • Developed a 5-year strategy for a large software company, including building a roadmap to consolidate a software sector. Screened acquisition targets, recommended a long-term acquisition plan, and used war game workshops to identify potential risks to future acquisitions

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