Post-merger integration consultant, Robert Pearman, GPMIP UK

Robert Pearman

United Kingdom

People profiles

Robert Pearman

Professional Background

  • As a 20-year veteran of the City, Robert has delivered 5 post transaction transformations resulting in revenue, cost and capital synergies of between £65m and £4.75bn. Including:
  • Highlight (1) Deutsche Bank, London – led the delivery of a revenue growth enablement of €450m and a reduction in operating costs of €110m p.a,
  • Highlight (2) Bank Austria, Vienna – led the delivery of a revenue growth enablement of €5bn, a reduction in operating costs of €10m p.a and capital efficiency gains of €70m.
  • Highlight (3) LCH S.A, Paris – led the delivery of a revenue growth enablement of €400m, cost reduction €12m and capital efficiency gains of €68m,
  • Highlight (4) Credit Suisse, London – led the delivery of a revenue enablement of £300m.
  • Highlight (5) RBS, London – led the delivery of revenue enablement of €200m and Capital efficiency gains of £125m.

M&A Skills & Expertise

  • Robert has worked internationally in sensitive post merger situations requiring immediate strategic and tactical impact, building credibility with senior clients.
  • Successful in both advisory and operating capacities, he is a broad communicator with an ability to distill the globally complex into a realistic portfolios and structure for delivery.
  • Capable of working equally with niche, specialist teams and large distributed teams, he leverages expertise in leading, creating a vision, setting goals and liberating collaborative effort across the enterprise.
  • Innovative in applying design principles he has expertise in building tools to drive efficiencies at scale, as well as orchestrating group based solution engagement, decision making and agenda alignment.

Project Highlights

  • BSc Economics and ACMA qualified
  • Career spent exclusively with blue chip banks and International corporates in the Capital Markets
  • Big 4 management consulting in the UK & Europe
  • Early career in Cross-Border structured Swap transactions with Merrill Lynch, followed by global Management Accounting and Treasury ALM roles.
  • Mid career focus on Credit Derivatives, including Structured Tax Derivative global BU at Deutsche Bank and platform delivery for Credit Correlation at Barclays.
  • For the last decade Robert has focussed on Enterprise Risk Transformation across B2C and global Banks, working with Regulators and concentrating on Regulatory risk mitigation, capital efficiency and value chain revenue growth post merger.

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