GPMIP Post Merger Integration consultant, Tom-Witty

Tom Witty
Senior Executive Advisor


People profiles

Tom Witty

Professional Background

  • Over 30 years of professional experience in corporate development, and merger & acquisition integration.
  • Manager for large and mid-size corporates (YRC Freight, Americo Financial Life) participating in large integration and development projects.
  • Graduated in Industrial Engineering; Completed a Masters in Business Administration. 
  • Certified project management and strategy management professional (PMP, SMP); Fellow, Life Insurance Operations (FLMI)
  • Presenter at multiple conferences on strategy execution, program management and business continuity.​​​

M&A Skills & Expertise

  • Executive experience in tech-enabled business transformation, strategy design/execution, large-scale program management, and post-merger integration.
  • Delivered strategies to strengthen project portfolio governance, tech-enabled interoperability, cost-efficiency, integrated operations and the customer experience.
  • Co-architect of a shared services strategy that drove the post-merger integration of the #1/#2 U.S. transportation and logistics leaders. Led the Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) to deliver this integration. 
  • Moved organizations forward into AI, CX/UX focus, digital transformation, robotic process automation, mobile computing, and cloud migration while sustaining business continuity.​​

Project Highlights

  • Insurance – Led business and technology post acquisition integration of a Texas based life insurance company into its mid-west U.S acquirer.
  • Logistics / Transportation – Yellow Transportation acquisition integration of Roadway Express.  
  • Distribution – Weyerhaeuser consolidation of their warehouse network.
  • Call Center – Planning-to-completion for the consolidation of union/nonunion customer service functions from 200+ to two major 2 U.S. call centers. 
  • Technology – Led key projects in the areas of e-commerce, payment systems, rules-based automation, and administration services.
  • Re-engineering – Led large-scale customization and rollout initiative of an operations management system across 20 distribution centers.

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