Global PMI Partners works with numerous businesses, academic institutions and other organizations to develop our services, innovate and support in the delivery of M&A programmes to our clients. The following links are provided as references to third parties that we work with and recommend (but we take no direct responsibility for their products or services):


Partnerships & References 1

Frontier Management Inc. (“FMI”) is a Japan based professional service firm, offering comprehensive solutions in Management Consulting, M&A Advisory, Post Merger Integration, and Business Turnaround to enhance corporate value of our clients. They have a hybrid team of experts, such as management consultants, business leaders/managers, industry analysts, investment bankers and accountants to provide custom fit solutions for the needs of their clients and their stakeholders in an ever-changing business environment. Having offices in New York, Singapore and Shanghai, their M&A Advisory team supports cross-border transactions involving Japanese clients. Global PMI Partners is working closely with FMI to help our clients in cross-border PMI projects in and out of Japan.

Partnerships & References 2

JLL is a financial and professional services firm specializing in commercial real estate services and investment management. They create value for companies and institutions that invest in and use real estate. With 60,000 employees across 280 corporate offices worldwide, they serve the local, regional and global real estate needs of corporates and investors in more than 80 countries. They’re integrated services offering is grounded in expertise in all property types, a deep understanding of real estate markets and capital markets, and is coordinated and consistent across geographies.
Global PMI Partners has worked with JLL on some of our largest integration engagements to help our clients find new head offices.

Post-merger integration consultant, Mark Bevan, GPMIP UK Partner
Post-merger integration consultant, Mark Bevan, GPMIP UK Partner
Partnerships & References 3

RGR is a team of experienced leaders and experts in business growth and performance improvement who drive long-term value for their clients by applying the proven methods of the 'Top 1%'. They’re passion is working hands-on, collaborating closely with clients and sharing crucial insights into markets, customer trends and consumer behaviours in their chosen industry sectors and geographies. They forge partnerships with start-ups and SMEs to find funding for entry into new markets, and with mid-sized businesses, leveraging our strong links with larger multinational companies to support their plans for local and international expansion, and to sustain profitable growth. Global PMI Partners is working closely with Mark, David, Les and the Resolve team in the UK and elsewhere to develop enduring client relationships with acquisitive companies.

M&A Technology

Partnerships & References 4

MergerWare introduces a SaaS based secure enterprise digital M&A platform dedicated towards management & execution of M&A deals. The platform allows companies to run systematic deal discovery, due diligence and post-merger integration all within the same platform. With MergerWare, companies are able to establish a recurring high quality M&A process that diminishes the risks that come bundled along with traditional approach of deal management. MergerWare helps companies derive greater value from every deal by ways of standardization of processes and efficient project management and risk management features. With Real time data at your figure tips, be in control of your deals and steer to success.. Global PMI Partners is excited about MergerWare’s innovative product and how it will support clients to accelerate their M&A programs.

Partnerships & References 5

Midaxo offers a cloud-based platform for companies to systematize and run their M&A and other complex management processes. Easy-to-use and highly configurable, the Midaxo Platform enables M&A teams to manage their complex activities from deal sourcing and valuation through transaction and integration. Geared to the buy-side M&A, the Midaxo Platform has earned praise from M&A professionals in $120 billion technology giants to challengers with $50 million in revenue. Midaxo has won several prestigious awards by M&A industry publications such as Acquisition International, M&A Today, and ACQ5. Global PMI Partners enjoys working with Midaxo’s comprehensive product and has an ongoing relationship with Ari and the Midaxo team.

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