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40% of Global PMI Partners engagements are with Private Equity (PE) owned companies across all industry sectors, investment rationales, portfolio company deal rationales and PE & portfolio company operating models. A trend is increased PE management attention and intervention in portco operations during M&A to support management execution.


PMI Challenges Paragraph:

Challenges to M&A transactions by PE-owned companies:

• Build M&A and PMI capability (skills, tools and knowledge) just after investment in build-ups

• Need for extra bandwidth to augment management within M&A and PMI to create growth momentum

• Stand-up or integration of carved out assets (due diligence, transitional services, interim management, organization design, recruitment, core application and processes, etc.) · PE firms bring significant deal expertise, while often less hands-on experience with the intricacies of PMI, including culture, change and communication

How we can help/ Our value proposition:

Our approach is to team up with the transaction. We bring a skilled PE team with wide M&A experience. We transfer knowledge to the portfolio companies’ management for optimal execution. We provide:

• Integration due diligence, PMI support and customized playbooks in a build-up context, also ensuring that the platform companies core applications and processes can scale

• PMI augmentation for complex, large or first-time acquisitions

• Buy-side carve-out DD and stand-up/execution support for investments into carve-outs

• Sell-side project management and operational preparation and executions for carve-outs/spin-offs

• Support 100-day plan execution

• Training and mentoring of platform company, including building M&A and PMI playbooks

• Outsourced PE Operations Director

• Interim management; Head of M&A, PMI or function

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