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Cultural Integration Best Practices for M&A Transactions

Most integration activity is centered around people, process and technology integration… but what about Culture? In this webinar, experts from Global PMI Partners will discuss the importance of addressing culture in your integration planning & execution program.

Overcoming Cultural Differences in Cross-Border M&A

Cultural challenges are a hidden danger that can quickly destroy value in any Merger or Acquisition. This webinar will highlight how to recognize, assess and quantify cultural challenges, and provide techniques and mechanisms for early resolution.

M&A Playbooks

M&A Playbooks enhance your organization’s M&A capabilities. This webinar will illustrate how to leverage playbook solutions as a catalyzing platform to build a more mature M&A project and integration planning & execution capabilities.

Programme HealthCheck 

Learn why, when and how to conduct a systematic health check of your in-flight integration programme(s). Review key themes for a health check, aligned to the primary causes of programme weakness; and underline the benefits of providing a mechanism to reassure senior stakeholders that the programme is set up for success.

IMO Mobilization℠ 

Global PMI Partners designed IMO Mobilization℠ to simplify the process of merger & acquisition (M&A) integration. By leveraging our experience and know-how, we have created a platform that enables acquirers to achieve integration success and avoid the most common pitfalls and mistakes. This webinar will share planning & execution highlights applicable to most acquisition scenarios.

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