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Recent Carve-out Strategy & Design experience


Carve-out Strategy & Design

We can define the most optimal carve-out scenario and plan the carve-out to minimize risks in operation, transitional services and employee motivation.

Client challenges

  • Setting the carve-out perimeter and objectives
  • Decision on preparing the carve-out operationally for sale
  • Ensuring that the right employees transfer to the carve-out
  • Defining, pricing and managing transitional services
  • Managing the changes for those units and employees that will remain at seller

How we can help

  • Analysis of the operational consequences of different carve-out scenarios, perimeters and objectives
  • Plan and lead the carve-out project including operational closing
  • Managing the communication to employees during the carve-out
  • Defining and managing the transitional service
  • Change management for employees that will remain with seller

Key benefits

  • Carve-out scenario Report
  • Carve-out experts planning and leading the project with less risks
  • Risk mitigation
  • Clear reporting to Board/executive team on carve-out plans
  • Employee motivation
  • Transitional services with the right incentives

Lessons learnt

  • Setting the sellers optimal carve-out perimeter is key
  • Management and delivery of transitional services can be complex and clarity can increase the deal price
  • Cost of delivering transitional services is underestimated
  • Clear communication is key for employee motivation