Retention, Change & Communication

We can help your company define the role and purpose of due diligence within the context of integration planning, and bridge from diligence to integration.

Client challenges

  • Retaining the right people in the organization.
  • Keep these retained people in the organization after the retention period ended.
  • Define and set the right retention mechanisms and define internal company retention policy.
  • Keep the non-retained employees engaged

How we can help

  • We can assist our clients to define their retention approach.
  • We can quickly launch our customers’ retention programs.
  • We can take an interim role of retention managers and get the retention program rolled out.

Key benefits

  • Customers will be able to create an internal retention approach, one that can be applied fast and effectively.
  • Key employees will be truly retained based on the employee’s real motivations.
  • Key employees will continue working within the company.

Lessons learned

  • Long-term retention isn’t the only mechanism to be applied. In some cases, it is better to retain for short term and create a knowledge transfer plan.
  • There are different retention tools, not only money and bonus based retention.
  • Attaching to the retention planning KPI’s that the retained should meet will improve the retention efforts based on the creation of engagement.

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