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Recent IMO experience


Integration Management Office

We can help you in managing the overall process of the integration identifying and controlling risks and critical situations.

Client challenges

  • Time required to keep track of all the activities going on in the project
  • Business as Usual to be managed while the integration is going on
  • High and/or unknown integration risks
  • Difficult negotiation situation between managers

How we can help

  • Prepare a high level plan to be shared and agreed with all the stakeholders
  • Split the overall process in work streams and then manage each individual work stream
  • Establish milestones and keep the teams on track
  • Identify risks and manage them

  • Key benefits
    Clear reporting to Board on integration plans
  • Senior expertise in dealing with difficult situations
  • Senior expertise in foreseeing potential risk situations
  • Clear leadership in managing the integration

Lessons learnt

  • Teams often not aligned to a clear common goal
  • “Emergency” approach: expect that a problem arise and then try to fix it instead of foreseeing them. This means more costs
  • Missing /Postponing Milestones