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Joint Ventures

We can assist you in setting up a Join-Venture(s) as part of your international growth strategy. We cover in a globally consistent and integrated way efforts to plan and execute seamlessly all or part of the following work steps:

Client challenges

  • Ensure that skills and capabilities are complementary
  • Reducing fear and suspicion
  • Ensure equal strength (regardless of the ownership ratio)
  • Enable conflict resolution mechanisms
  • JV Management Autonomy
  • Appropriate and sensible termination clause

How we can help

  • Clarification and implementation of the strategy capitalizing on both partners skills and capabilities
  • Assist with structuring your JV agreement from a strategic, management, conflict resolution, management independence and termination perspective
  • Support your strategic deal structuring process, JV valuation, negotiation, due diligence, integration into one company

Key benefits

  • Clear alignment between strategic objective and what needs to be taken into account in the JV agreement
  • Support crafting the JV agreement with terms that enable flexibility, reduce fear and suspicion and establish the basis for a long-term JV
  • Implementation support throughout all phases in setting up the JV and managing the integration into one company

Lessons learnt

  • Connect a clear definition and valuation of both partners contribution in assets, IP, human resources with the business valuation and ownership in the JV
  • Connect the termination clause to the desired approach, valuation, structure and legal resolution of the JV
  • Craft the JV agreement to enable flexibility, mutual issue resolution and independent JV management