In-House Capability

For all firms (not only the ones with aggressive M&A strategies), developing the M&A/PMI process as a strategic in-house capability is a major endeavor

Client Challenges

  • Develop internal skills to design and execute the M&A/PMI process
  • Improve the capacity to go for more complex strategic opportunities
  • Execute deals more quickly, with fewer risks
  • Diminish the payback period of each deal – improve the ability to grow externally

What We Do

  • Develop an aligned vision of the processes (integration/carve-out/alliances) with clear tasks and roles
  • Build a customized toolbox and playbook to support future deals
  • Analyze all potential gains (productivity, quality, decision) to be achieved in the various tasks
  • Build a collaborative approach with all the stakeholders of the M&A process from strategy to implementation

Key Benefits

  • An aligned and shared view of the M&A process from start to end
  • An improvement of the conditions of work of all the stakeholders and functions involved – better quality of output and decision making
  • A more fluid and swift M&A process, reaching more synergies in less time
  • A more efficient management of the firms’ assets with better armed external growth leverage

Lessons Learned

  • Have a clear and pro-active engagement of all M&A stakeholders
  • Ensure there is a strong owner of this initiative
  • Link the process review to the decision-making and gateways review
  • Cover all projects (size, division, international)
  • Work on tools and IT platform

Recent In-House Capability experience


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