‘She Who Dares’…

‘She Who Dares’…

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Wendy Searle is aiming to break the world speed record for the fastest woman to ski solo to the South Pole.

This ambitious journey will see Wendy dragging all her kit and equipment with her in a sled, without resupply of any kind, for over 700 miles. The conditions are brutal; temperatures down to -40, cruel headwinds rushing out from the Pole, whiteouts and crevassing. It is no small undertaking, and as such has been given the expedition title ‘She Who Dares.’

As recently as six years ago, the 45-year-old, in her own words, lived “a very ordinary life” juggling her responsibilities as a mother of four with her job as a civil servant. Then things changed. After managing the media campaign of a polar expedition by Army Reservists, she became hooked on the idea of a “big adventure” and testing whether someone with no experience could attempt something similarly daring.

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In 2020, Wendy fulfilled her aim by becoming only the seventh woman in history to ski unassisted from the Antarctic coast to the South Pole. It was a journey that took her 42 days. Later this year, she returns to Antarctica with the aim of completing the 715-mile journey faster than any woman has done before.

With the record standing at 38 days and 23 hours, Wendy will be against the clock every day to make progress across the desolate continent of Antarctica.

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This time, it is about marginal gains, and training smarter. Using data to assess every element in detail, the key will be efficiencies in every area to improve performance.

The aim of the expedition – aside from the record itself – is to inspire women and girls (and even boys) to set ambitious, long-term goals; to understand that pushing your comfort zone means uncertain outcomes.

Wendy is keen to show that adventures – and polar travel – can be for everyone, and that expeditions can offer so many life lessons for the world back home too.

As a mother, and at the age of 45, Wendy wants to be a role model for other women in mid-life; with more time and spending power than ever, women need to be more visible in sport, in the workplace, and in the world.

Wendy said:

“It’s only by pushing our comfort zones that we can see how much we’re capable of. And it’s always more than you think.”

“It’s not easy to lay it on the line and say I’m aiming to break the record. It definitely puts the pressure on.”

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“For me, this is about athletic endeavour, which is weird for me as I would never have classed myself as an athlete at school, or ever really. Just because you haven’t achieved your life’s ambition or know what you want to do when you’re in your twenties, it doesn’t mean those things aren’t out there for you. But this journey is also about going to Antarctica; a place of extremes in every sense. I find it beautiful and powerful. I will try and harness some of that power while I’m skiing!”

Global PMI Partners UK is supporting this endeavour for a number of really simple reasons:

  • as world leaders in the delivery of complex and highly demanding M&A projects, we appreciate what it takes to perform in challenging circumstances;
  • promoting women performing at the highest levels, whether in business, in sport, in adventure, in politics, or generally;
  • recognising that great individual performances are usually accompanied by great teams, even if those teams are behind the scenes; and
  • raising awareness of the challenges we face with climate change and the enviornment, especially in our polar regions.

Chris Charlton, Global PMI Partners UK Managing Partner said “As a fellow explorer and adventurer from days gone by, I wholly appreciate the challenge that Wendy is undertaking. When you pit yourself against the elements, on an extended endurance event, mind over matter is what will count, as will the versatility and adaptability of Wendy’s skills to deal with the myriad issues that she will face. We wish Wendy every success with this expedition and will be cheering her along every step of the way.”

We’ll be linking to Wendy’s website when it goes live (explorerwendy.com), so you can follow the story as it unfolds in December 2022, and all being well, we will see Wendy safely at the South Pole, in record time! 😊

Please also lookout for the invite to a special online presentation on Thursday 3rd November 15:30-16:30 UK GMT, where Wendy will talk about her previous expedition to the South Pole, and talking about the challenges ahead in attempting the world record. If you would like to join this webinar, please contact claire.mccourt@gpmip.com.

We’re proud to be teaming up with Garmin, Compeed and Shackleton to sponsor Wendy on this adventure; and if you are interested in sponsoring She Who Dares, please contact Wendy at betweensnowandsky@gmail.com.

Meanwhile, enjoy the preview, created by the Compeed team…

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