Integration Services for Private Equity 1

Scale Integration Capacity, Reduce Risk, and Achieve Synergies

Global PMI Partners Integration Services for Private Equity Platform Acquisitions

Contact: Stefan Hofmeyer (Western Region / North America) or Scott Whitaker (Eastern Region / North America) to schedule an information session.

Global PMI Partners provides integration planning and execution integration support that enables management teams to scale quickly and manage acquisitions and/or platform consolidations.

Our approach is focused on:

  • Developing master workplans that are grounded in reality and which will not disrupt business continuity
  • Establishing effective synergy program management that translates transaction objectives into detailed workplans and scorecards with trackable results
  • Leveraging and mobilizing internal resources
  • Utilizing a battle tested methodology and accompanying tools & templates that accelerate execution and value capture


Download: Integration Services for Private Equity Platform Acquisitions


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