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About This Webinar

What actions do successful acquirers take pre-deal?

Join Global PMI Partners’ webinar on pre-deal success factors based on Global PMI Partners’s 2021 annual survey “The art of successfully delivering M&A value”.

Panelists topics include:

  • Top Due Diligence Focus Areas
  • The Art of Integration Planning
  • Building Integration Capability and Capacity Pre-deal


– About Global PMI Partners –

Global PMI Partners specialize in post-merger integration (PMI) services that help our clients optimize the result of their merger and acquisition activity — whether this activity involves cross-border deals or local transactions.

Clients rely on us for our customized approach and strategy, and our ability to address their unique operational, technical and cultural complexities. Our global footprint allows us to create an even greater impact, driven by seasoned merger integration specialists skilled at delivering local market advice. We know how much is riding on the success of your merger or acquisition, and we are prepared to do everything it takes to help ensure that your post-merger integration produces sustainable results and synergies you expect.

Regardless of your market or industry, the post-merger integration period can be a complex, high-stakes balancing act. We are ready to help you plan and execute a PMI plan, tailored to your organization, to effectively control the risks that can come with a merger or acquisition. For expert advice and support — wherever you are in the transaction lifecycle — Reach out to a Partner to learn about how we can help you.

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