Michael Holm

Stockholm, Sweden
+46-768 67 0777

People profiles

Michael Holm

Professional Background

28 years operative industry experience, M&A, Post Merger integration and Strategy. 4 years as management consultant. Has project managed country wide telecommunication network installations and R&D development projects. Has marketed and sold telecommunication networks. Managed the MFS/WorldCom account at Ericsson between 1994-98. Managed the BeNeLux countries 1999-2000 and later on in Strategy, M&A and Post Merger Integration at Ericsson.

M&A Expertise

M&A Strategy, M&A Screening, Integration Pre-Planning, Integration lead, Integration Management Office Mobilization & Execution, Synergy Management, Divestiture Planning, Transitional Services Management.

Industry & Sector Experience

Telecommunications, ICT, Biotech, Industrial Manufacturing, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG – called CPG in US), Cinema Operations.

Project Highlights

  • Led the Global PMI Partners team in Jack Link’s acquisition of Bifi and Peperami brands, a carve-out from Unilever (FMCG).
  • Led the integration project in Arcus acquisition of Ålborg, FMCG spirits business with no disturbances in sales or supply (FMCG).
  • Led the carveout and co-lead the integration that formed the ST-Ericsson a 8 000 employee JV in a 18 month project (Telecommunication/Semiconductor).
  • Led the integration of SF Bio and Finnkino into Nordic Cinema group resulting in the 5th largest cinema operator in Europe (Cinema Operations)
  • Led the carveout of Ericsson’s Enterprise (PABX) business when it was sold to Aastra. (Telecom)
  • Led the integration of Tandberg TV into Ericsson with 900 employees. (Telecom)
  • Led a number of smaller professional services integrations.
  • Advised in a number of integration projects.


Tekniskt gymnasium and classes at University of Lund.

A little more about Michael

Michael resides in Stockholm, Sweden. He is a leader in Friluftsframjandet and takes urban children into the forest every Saturday to teach outdoors skills and about what you can find in a forest. Enjoys off-piste skiing.

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