Our M&A carve-out services help companies either selling or acquiring a divested business to manage this extremely complex type of M&A change. We have delivered separation programs and integrated divested business, for many clients across multiple industries and sectors, and for transactions at different levels of deal value.

 Common Factors:

Scope the Divestiture Clearly

  • Define the perimeter of the divested business in terms of people, processes, and tools
  • Articulate the rationale for the sale as well as the acquisition and have a compelling story for all stakeholders to understand
  • Setup Transition Services from seller to buyer for a temporary period to provide necessary services until these can be independently established

Keep the Business Going

  • Whatever the rationale for the divestiture, everyone wants to maintain the value of the deal
  • Don’t get distracted from business-as-usual during the carve-out program
  • Ensure the viability of the business post close and after the Transition Services end

Execute Rigorously

  • Rapid mobilization of CMO (Carve-out Management Office)
  • Comprehensive but flexible process orientation to manage complexity
  • Empowerment of internal expertise

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