Jean-Charles Cuellar

Jean-Charles Cuellar
Associate Partner

People profiles

Jean-Charles Cuellar

Professional Background

  • Juan-Carlos has a background as CEO and PMI, restructuring, transition and operational manager
  • He was leading major restructuring projects as CEO, COO and CFO for multinationals in France, Poland, Italy and Spain
  • Has completed an MBA HEC-CPA, Paris and HEC Management
  • He speaks fluent French, Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese

M&A Skills & Expertise

  • Recovery, reorganization and restructuring assignments
  • Developing acquisition strategies, leading and executing cross-border integration and carve-out projects
  • Restructuring projects in France
    • Dealing with complex HR issues in a highly regulated environment
    • Developing and executing Employment security plans (Plan de Sauvegarde de l’Emploi, PSE)
    • Consultations with employee representatives and regional employment authorities
  • Expert in crisis management and change management

Project Highlights

Recent assignments as transition manager

  • Merger / Acquisition Development and reorganization at SSII (Sikiá) before the sale of Carmax
  • Sale of the SCI Careers Bourdenais
  • International expansion for the company Karshi
  • Business development for the international distribution of cosmetics (Middle East / Southeast Asia, America)
  • Establishment of funding for the launch of an operation Oil & Gas (Algeria) 700 M €

Other M&A and restructuring related engagements

  • La Dehasa S.A.S. – Chairman & CEO of the subsidiary in Spain
  • Home Institut Paris – Chairman & CEO of the subsidiaries in Spain, Portugal, Poland, Italy and Luxemburg
  • Siemens Safety System – CEO France
  • Zenitel Wireless France – CEO of the subsidiaries in Venezuela, Greece, Egypt, Algeria and Chili
  • Solymatic – CFO, COO and CEO of the subsidiaries in Italy and Poland
  • Group Valiance – Chairman & CEO – U.B.S.
  • Chantiers Modernes (Group Vinci) – Secretary General, CFO

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