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Roy Mitropoulos


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Roy Mitropoulos

Professional Background

  • 25+ years experience in Downstream Oil and Gas, where he has worked in a number of spaces including Fuels, Lubricants, Trading, LPG and Aviation. The constant theme of his work has been leading business change, whether through M&A, restructuring or strategic initiatives
  • Roy got into M&A by accident, when the business he was working in was being sold, and he was asked to stay on and project manage the divestment. He has stayed in M&A since, very much enjoying the intellectual challenge, the people side, and the demands of making deals a success
  • Roy has learnt through experience where value is added, where value can be put at risk, and crucially where value is lost

M&A Skills & Expertise

  • Experienced project manager, leading teams to deliver a number of strategic initiatives and change programs around the world
  • Roy believes in a customer centric view of business. “Start from the customer and work back. Understand your customers, understand customer needs, and build your offers around these needs, Then hard wire your business processes towards delivering promises to the customer”
  • An understanding of commercials, legal frameworks, business processes, value drivers and risk across the whole range of business functions is critical to delivering value, and ensuring that commercial aims are delivered
  • Roy sees M&A very much as a people driven business. Like all other good business, it’s about managing relationships, about managing contributions from experts, and engaging with your stakeholders

Professional Experience

  • Leading the carve-out and separation of a global lubricants business headquartered in the US. A cross border deal spread across 10 countries, with 400 B2B customers, 40 warehouses, a production plant, a technology lab and key contracts with raw material providers
  • Leading the divestment of a major fuels storage and trading terminal in the Netherlands, from business case approval, marketing of the business for sale, vendor due diligence, right through to final separation and clean break
  • Advisor to a UK leadership team on the divestment process for the sale of its UK Terminal network. Setting up, managing the divestment, leading vendor due diligence, and managing the legal disclosure process and leading a group of 12 functional experts to carve-out the business and transition it across to the buyer
  • Leading the divestment of the number 2 player in the Polish LPG market
  • Leading data disposition on a pharma divestment
  • Working as transformation director for a global business

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