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By Global PMI Partners

When Global PMI Partners started in 2009, our mission was to help our clients simplify the complex task of M&A, specifically by improving their integration planning and execution. Since then, we have helped hundreds of clients from nearly every sector plan and execute integrations, carve-outs, business transformations and create playbooks to support ongoing acquisition activity.

One of the solutions we have developed specifically for our clients executing small to mid-size acquisitions is IMO MobilizationSM. The following at-a-glance summary is a tested platform we utilize on our engagements.

What is IMO MobilizationSM?

IMO MobilizationSM is a comprehensive platform to help clients plan and execute all facets of an M&A transaction, whether they be acquisition integrations, carve-outs or internal capability builds.

What are the key advantages of GPMIP’s IMO MobilizationSM platform?

Planning Framework

  • IMO MobilizationSM is architected around a 4 step planning and execution regimen calibrated for the most typical M&A scenarios for small to mid-cap acquisitions.
  • The process is designed to maximize internal resources and follow a logical flow that helps empower integration teams to plan and execute flawlessly.


  • Global PMI Partners employs a simple but effective governance process that facilitates the creation of solid planning direction and ensures rapid risk and issue mitigation.

Synergy Program Management

  • IMO MobilizationSM includes a proven synergy program management approach for organizing and tracking all cost-saving and revenue enhancement synergy initiatives.
  • Our approach ensures that synergy initiatives are embedded within the overall integration program so that dependencies and accountability are vigorously tracked and manage to ensure realization timeframes don’t slip.


  • From signing to closing, and for at least 120 days post close, our communication planning approach ensures that employees, customers, suppliers and any other key stakeholder audiences are engaged and informed during all critical gaps of an M&A event.
  • Our proven regimen and tools have helped clients tackle some of the most delicate communication challenges, while ensuring they maintain control of the narrative and stay ahead of any issues.

Tools, Templates & Technology Platform

  • One of the benefits of having managed over 300 M&A transactions is that we have a huge arsenal of tools and templates to help speed through some of the more routine planning & execution challenges in M&A.
  • We also utilize several technology platforms to efficiently plan, execute and track the thousands of initiatives that must be synced and tracked for an average integration.

Program Management & Reporting

  • Our tracking and reporting package is designed to add value, inform rapid decision making, and accelerate execution.
  • We use our platform and technology to ensure maximum visibility into all of the work but also to ensure meeting time is focused on value drivers and other integration priorities.

Internal Capability Enhancement

  • IMO MobilizationSM can be incorporated into a scalable and consistent Integration Playbook that can be used to support ongoing M&A activity for our clients.
  • Our approach is architected with knowledge transfer in mind, so we design and build IMO MobilizationSM so that our clients may execute it on their own if needed.

Benefits of IMO MobilizationSM

Rapid Internal Deployment

  • Our tightly orchestrated 4-step approach enables acquirers to mobilize quickly and prepare for Day 1. No matter what the time frame is between signing and close, the IMO MobilizationSM approach will ensure acquirers are as prepared as possible for Day 1 and post-close execution.
  • Our clients are continually in awe of how fast we can deploy and get an integration program organized and “stood up” in a short time frame.

Accelerated Integration Timeframe

  • IMO MobilizationSM includes an extremely rigorous planning regimen designed to accelerate execution and drive momentum into an acquired business.
  • Our goal is to get the majority of integration initiatives completed or underway within 6 months of close.

Minimal Business Disruption

  • Our process is designed to enable busy integration leaders to integrate while staying focused on the day to day business and avoid disruptions that delay or destroy value.
  • We act as a transparent “force multiplier” of the acquiring company’s management team, and our experience enables us to identify and resolve issues before they become distractions.

Synergy Realization

  • By embedding a rigorous synergy program management approach within IMO MobilizationSM, acquirers can ensure that cost-saving and revenue enhancement targets manifest as trackable integration initiatives, with owners, timetables, and detailed tracking.
  • Synergy realization is the #1 priority in nearly every transaction we are involved in, so we have designed IMO MobilizationSM to help deliver the deal thesis and secure targeted synergies on time.

Employee & Customer Engagement

  • Our Day 1 playbooks and employee guides have helped tens of thousands affected customers, employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders manage the ambiguities of M&A and stay informed and engaged during an M&A event.
  • We also use our Day 1 planning regimen to get ahead of integration questions and issues that could distract post close. Our approach is a catalyst for improved integration planning as well as one that guarantees flawless Day 1 execution.

Internal Capability Enhancement

  • IMO MobilizationSM can be constructed in a client’s internal environment so that the approach, tools, technology and overall platform can be deployed internally.
  • GPMIP can train and mentor integration leaders and teams so that companies can develop a robust internal competency to support ongoing M&A activities.

What Global PMI Partners clients are saying about IMO MobilizationSM:

“IMO MobilizationSM enabled us to understand the integration process and how we could successfully manage through it”

“GPMIP takes a very complex process and distills it down into manageable chunks…their experience comes thru every time we use them”

“The planning process enables us to pivot quickly into execution mode post close…I felt like we never missed a beat and got a lot of work completed ahead of schedule”

“The tracking and reporting rigor ensured accountability was with the integration leaders (where it needed to be)….progress updates were value added time well spent and not endless explorations of work plans and detail”

“The day 1 communications preparation was incredible, and we are still getting points today from acquired employees who appreciated how prepared we were”

“We had them create an IMO MobilizationSM playbook that we still use today”

Simplifying the Process

Global PMI Partners designed IMO MobilizationSM to help simplify the process of M&A integration. By leveraging our experience and know-how, we have created a platform that enables even novice acquirers to achieve integration success and avoid the most common pitfalls and mistakes.

Are you ready for IMO MobilizationSM?

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