Outperform Your Competition – Reduce Time to Cash

By GPMIP Partner, Dr. Guenther Jauck

Why are some companies consistently outperforming their competitors, even during turbulent economic times? Under what circumstances will companies be able to make it to the superior competition zone? What are the key factors for success?

In Outperform Your Competition – Reduce Time to Cash, we analysed these and the following questions from over 600 companies in over 30 sectors for several years.

  • What are the characteristics of business models that make them more stable during downturns with respect to profitability, liquidity, and growth?
  • How do those business models and their targets change as the economic situation changes?
  • How can you prepare for tumultuous economic times and benefit from economic upswings?
  • How are more successful companies able to differentiate themselves, why is their excellence sustainable, and what are the key elements of their business models?

With regards to setting targets, we offer a preliminary Outside-In Analysis to:

  • Review positioning of your company in your sector
  • Illustrate potential areas of improvement
  • Derive important levers for performance and competitiveness improvement via driver tree analysis?
  • Identify and focus on areas for improvements
  • Evaluate potential to obtain growth and other goals via Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Inventory your project portfolio to tie their value to company targets and goals

For more information, please review Reduce Time to Cash.

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