Webinar: BrexIMPACT on Cross-Border M&A

Webinar: BrexIMPACT on Cross-Border M&A 1

Webinar: BrexIMPACT on Cross-Border M&A
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“Hats off to Global PMI Partners for hosting one the best Webinars I’ve ever attended. Top-notch! The rich discussion and insights offered by the globally renown panel was outstanding. Overall the quality of the webinar was better than any coverage I could find on the topic including any of the big media outlets. And of course with a focus on M&A – discussion was of even greater value for me. Looking forward to the next Webinar from Global PMI Partners.”
Jim Winslow Principal, Steady Consulting IT strategy, change/transformation, integration

“I like that this webinar brought together experts from different perspectives, both from a business focus and from a geographic perspective.”
Mark Lyons, President, TIOTE Corporation

On 23 June, the United Kingdom voted 52%-48% to leave the European Union in a national referendum, sending shock waves across the political and corporate worlds. This unprecedented journey isn’t understood yet, even by those that led the ‘out’ campaign, but even as the results were being announced, stunned international markets were reacting. Companies in the UK, across Europe and the rest of the world are impacted and have been scrambling to understand the manifold possible implications on this on their business, customers, suppliers, employees, taxes, imports and exports.

The Global PMI Network brings together leading experts across business and academia to present and debate some of the implications on cross-border M&A.

Moderated by GPMIP Partners, Thomas Kessler (Germany) and Andrew Scola (UK). Panelists include:

  • Ben Gomes-Casseres, Professor of M&A/Alliances, Brandeis University; Harvard Business Review Contributor, Author, and former World Bank economist
  • Riccardo Puglisi, Professor of Economics and Politics, Universita degli Studi di Pavia
  • Steve Wood, M&A and Strategy Advisor, Former IBM Global Managing Partner M&A and VP Strategy UK

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