A Transformation Lens – The Savvy Business Leader’s Approach to Transformational Change, by Gary Burke

Transformational change is complex and needs to be approached in the right way to succeed… and potentially save millions. 


Summary: The investment made in a transformation initiative will define an organisation’s direction and shape its operation and performance for years to come, so it’s important to get it right, to go into it with your eyes wide open, fully understanding what you’re letting yourself in for. But getting it right is more involved than you may realise. Business, digital, organisational or any other flavour of transformation is a bit like an iceberg – there’s a lot that needs to be understood and considered that isn’t immediately obvious or visible; the stuff you really need to be aware of to avoid ending up with the transformation programme equivalent of the Titanic. A Transformation Lens will enable you to better understand and view transformational change in a more holistic way, through a transformation lens, so it can be approached in the right way and consequently executed and delivered successfully, saving you a lot of pain, possible reputational damage, and potentially millions in the process 



“The book is packed with practical wisdom and could save the reader’s organisation both time and money. This is a must read for those who find themselves leading a transformational initiative” – Ade McCormack, international keynoter and thought leader, founder of The Intelligent Leadership Hub. 


“The most practical guide to successful transformation I have read. It is very well and logically set out in a way that progresses the reader through the important elements of the transformation, slaying a few myths yet emphasising the key points that the business leader needs to understand to give the transformation programme the best chance to succeed” – Chris Bevan, NED, Chair, Board Advisor, Mentor. 


“Unravelling the complexities of transformational change with unmatched clarity. A Transformation Lens is an illuminating and necessary read for anyone involved in corporate transformation, whether as a leader or a team member. This book does not simply inform; it empowers its readers to become more effective navigators of their own transformation journeys” – Aldas Kirvaitis, Chairman, Metasite 


“A coherent narrative through the murky paths of transformation – dispelling myths, giving guidance, and sharing perspectives. This book is a must-have for both Exec teams sponsoring transformations and those embarking on a transformation lead role. The author has combined a pragmatic and practical transformation guide with an entertaining and very readable presentational style” – David Melvin, Head of Strategic Implementation, MDU 


“Having experienced first-hand how challenging transformation programmes can be for any organisation, this book is packed with wise insights and practical advice on designing and running such programmes.” – David Clamp, founder of the Camelot Network 



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UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/Transformation-Lens-business-approach-transformational/dp/1781337845 

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Japan https://www.amazon.co.jp/Transformation-Lens-business-approach-transformational/dp/1781337845 

Australia https://www.amazon.com.au/Transformation-Lens-business-approach-transformational/dp/1781337845 


Chapter synopsis: 

Chapter 1: Avoiding the transformation iceberg 

Considers the root causes that need to be addressed for transformation success and the all-too-common consequences of not addressing them.  


Chapter 2: Change – what is it? 

Explores what transformation means, how it differs from (non-transformational) change and why it’s important to know the difference. 


Chapter 3: Change – who does it? 

Looks at how organisations change, why it’s important to have a fit-for-purpose change capability and the consequences of not having one. The potential risks that organisations need to be aware of when engaging third parties is also discussed.  


Chapter 4: The transformation journey 

Delves into the transformation journey and looks at the elements involved and how they relate to each other. Business models and operating models are discussed along with why their components can’t be looked at in isolation.  


Chapter 5: The current operating model 

The importance of understanding the current operating model is explored in detail, as are the key steps involved in defining it.  


Chapter 6: Further operating model considerations 

Looks at the consequences of a negative culture and ways of overcoming resistance to change. Ecosystems, the fragmentation of current operating models and defining target operating models is also discussed. 


Chapter 7: The transformation failure myth 

Debunks the myth that ‘70% of transformation programmes fail’, explores its origins and considers why it’s still so frequently touted.  


Chapter 8: It’ll never happen to us 

Presents a couple of high profile and costly transformation failures and explores how and why they should have been prevented.  


Chapter 9: The basics 

Outlines key areas of good and best practice that, without which, will almost guarantee programme failure. 


Chapter 10: A transformation lens 

Explores why what’s involved with transformational change is often underestimated and how a transformation lens can be applied to enable programme success. 

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